Klemow, K., W. Tarutis, & T. Walski. 1995. AERIAL EXTENT OF ACID MINE DRAINAGE IN THE LOWER WYOMING VALLEY, PENNSYLVANIA. Contributed paper: Pennsylvania Academy of Science meeting. Abstract: Journal of the Pennsylvania Academy of Science 68:182.

A survey of water quality in the streams draining the southern Wyoming Valley, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, was conducted to establish a chemical database and determine the areal extent of acid mine drainage (AMD) pollution. The streams sampled are located between Wilkes-Barre and Glen Lyon, and included Espy Run, Nanticoke Creek, Newport Creek (North and South Branches), Solomon Creek, Sugar Notch Run, and Warrior Creek. The sampling regime characterized approximately 67 km (42 mi) of streams for pH, redox potential, electrical conductivity (EC), total Fe, and SO4. This represents the first systematic comprehensive survey of AMD pollution in this area in over twenty years. The results indicate that about 35% (24 km) of streams sampled in this study are AMD-impacted (EC > 600 µS/cm, SO4 > 250 mg/L, Fe > 5 mg/L), primarily by outfalls from the undergound mine pool. Although several AMD seeps in the vicinity have also been observed to flow into these streams, their impact is, for the most part, relatively small due to dilutional mixing of the presence of mine outfalls upstream. However, the cumulative effects of these low-flow seeps on the stream ecosystem should not be ignored.

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