Rachel Curtis, Richard Kosik, Heather Washenko, Andrew Velopolcak, and Kenneth Klemow.  2008.  DEVELOPING A PODCAST NATURE GUIDE  FOR THE KIRBY PARK NATURAL AREA, WILKES-BARRE.  Contributed poster: Pennsylvania Academy of Science meeting. Abstract: Journal of the Pennsylvania Academy of Science 81:113.

Many hiking trails are described by paper-based guides that provide information about the history and natural features found along the trail.  While such paper-based guides are handy and informative, they can become outdated, need to be restocked when the supply is exhausted, and may become litter when discarded.  The emergence of new technologies, especially associated with podcasting, provides an opportunity to replace paper trail guides with electronic versions that can be downloaded to an mp3 player.  Over the past year, we developed a podcast guide to a hiking trail in the Kirby Park Natural Area, which is an 80-acre riparian urban forest in Wilkes-Barre.  That guide consists of twenty image-enhanced podcast episodes – each focusing on a single station along the trail or on a species of note.  The podcasts, created using GarageBand software on the Macintosh OS, have been uploaded to Wilkes University’s iTuneU website and are publicly available.  Representative podcast episodes will be presented.  The results of a user survey concerning the podcasts’ effectiveness will also be presented and discussed.

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