Brea Dibble, Matt Johnston, Ted Orelien, Jeff Thompson, Kenneth Klemow, and Matthew Zukoski.  2006.  ONLINE POLYCLAVE KEY FOR THE PLANTS FROM THE KIRBY PARK NATURAL AREA, WILKES-BARRE, PA.  Contributed poster: Pennsylvania Academy of Science meeting. Abstract: Journal of the Pennsylvania Academy of Science 79:107.

Online taxonomic keys can potentially serve as superior identification tools over printed field guides and technical manuals because they offer the possibility of flexible design, better graphics and enhanced search capabilities.  For the past five years, an online dichotomous key for the plants from the Kirby Park Natural Area (KPNA) in Wilkes-Barre, PA has been developed.  Building on the efforts of previous teams, we have developed an online polyclave key for over 100 flowering plants indigenous to the KPNA. The key was created using a mySQL database with PHP scripts written to facilitate the data access.  The key involves three parts.  The first is a character entry system that creates a profile for the plant using drop-down menus linked to text and photos.  In the second, the series of characters in the profile are applied against the database to search for species that fit the profile.  The third is a system for displaying the plants that fit the profile back to the user.  The key has been posted to the Wilkes University website at  It is being field-tested and will be on display for conference attendees to review.

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