Nina Sweppenheiser and Kenneth M. Klemow. 2006. INVENTORY AND VALUATION OF URBAN TREES IN KINGSTON, PA USING CITYgreen® 5.0. Contributed paper: Pennsylvania Academy of Science meeting. Abstract: Journal of the Pennsylvania Academy of Science 79:126-127.

In order to understand the economic benefits of street trees in northeastern Pennsylvania, we conducted an analysis of trees along several streets in Kingston, PA.  Several parameters pertaining to location, size, vigor, site quality, and features of the adjoining structure were measured for each tree, and data were recorded into a handheld computer.  The data were entered into ArcView Geographic System for mapping and subsequent analysis by CityGREEN; a valuation program developed by American Forests.  We found significant differences among streets that were largely a reflection of past planting practices.  Residential streets gave a higher density and size of trees than commercial streets.  As expected, streets having a higher tree density yielded a higher value than streets having lower densities.  Our results will used to inform citizens of Kingston about the value of their street trees, and our inventory will be made available to Kingston’s Shade Tree Commission for use as a planning tool.

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