Kenneth M. Klemow and Susan A. Thompson.  DEVELOPING A BIODIVERSITY CONSERVATION PLAN FOR PENNSYLVANIA: SHARING BIODIVERSITY DATA.  Contributed paper: Pennsylvania Academy of Science meeting. Abstract: Journal of the Pennsylvania Academy of Science 77:118-119.

As part of its Biodiversity Conservation Plan for the Commonwealth, the Pennsylvania Biodiversity Partnership (PBP) seeks to promote a system for effectively sharing biodiversity data. Drafted in late 2004, PBP presents the following vision for effective data sharing.  The ultimate system would be easily accessible to a diverse range of data users, and would convey scientifically valid information covering all taxa and habitats.  It would reflect data exchange efforts taking place outside of Pennsylvania, and would evolve as technology evolves. It would respect intellectual property, private property, and data sensitivity concerns.  It would enable exchange of information from all organizations and individuals willing to share their data.  It would use standardized exchange protocols that meet “best data standards.” And it would educate stakeholders on effectively providing and using biodiversity information.  Strategies for achieving that vision will be outlined.

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