Charles W. Bier, John E. Rawlins, Sue A. Thompson, and Kenneth M. Klemow.  DEVELOPING A BIODIVERSITY CONSERVATION PLAN FOR PENNSYLVANIA: PROVIDING THE SCIENCE.  Contributed paper: Pennsylvania Academy of Science meeting. Abstract: Journal of the Pennsylvania Academy of Science 78:104.

Biodiversity science is defined as the research, analysis, information, and expertise that provide an understanding of the inventory, systematics, genetics, ecology and environment of the organisms and biological communities that constitute Pennsylvania’s biodiversity.  One part of the Pennsylvania Biodiversity Partnership’s Biodiversity Conservation Plan will be to promote continued development of a cooperative framework of ongoing scientific research and resources.  The framework will support biodiversity management by establishing scientific approaches and assuring quality control, providing support at all levels and functions of biodiversity, filling information gaps, prioritizing and resolving questions, conducting both basic and applied research, describing critical actions such as monitoring, evaluating threats, urgency and conservation priorities, and determining issues of the necessary scientific capacity to provide these services.  Issues and strategies are presented and described.

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