Sue Thompson, Charles Bier, Ken Klemow, Jacqui Bonomo, Frank Felbaum, Paulette Johnson, Scott Klinger, Paul Lyskava, and Ed Schroth.  DEVELOPING A BIODIVERSITY CONSERVATION PLAN FOR PENNSYLVANIA: AN OVERVIEW.  Contributed paper: Pennsylvania Academy of Science meeting. Abstract: Journal of the Pennsylvania Academy of Science 78:135.

The Pennsylvania Biodiversity Partnership (PBP) is a public-private partnership dedicated to increasing awareness of the importance of biodiversity conservation in Pennsylvania.  Organized in 2000, PBP brings together and individuals with diverse interests and backgrounds.  Working with its partners, PBP is developing a biodiversity conservation plan that is due to be completed in fall 2005.  The plan builds on the Biodiversity in Pennsylvania: Snapshot 2002 document produced by the PBP.  Since 2003, the PBP has gathered information via surveys, focus-groups, and interviews to determine the most pressing biodiversity concerns in the Commonwealth and to identify a consensus for items to be included in the Plan.  General topics to be incorporated in the Plan will be science-based issues, datasharing, education, stewardship, public policy, and funding.  Draft components of the plan were reviewed in fall 2004, and will be further refined in 2005, leading to a finalized document that will be disseminated via print and online means.

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