Alicia Burnham, Amanda Henry, Bernadette Rabel, Heather Thomas, and Kenneth M. Klemow.  DEVELOPING DICHOTOMOUS AND POLYCLAVE ON-LINE KEYS FOR THE PLANTS FROM THE KIRBY PARK NATURAL AREA OF WILKES-BARRE, PA.  Contributed poster: Pennsylvania Academy of Science meeting. Abstract: Journal of the Pennsylvania Academy of Science 78:106.

Since 1998, teams of Wilkes University students have developed two online taxonomic keys for the vascular plants from a local natural area.  Online keys can incorporate text, images, and searching protocols not possible in printed field guides or technical manuals.  One version of the key leads users through a series of dichotomous choices, incorporating linked webpages that combine diagnostic text and images.  The second version adopts a polyclave format that asks the user to develop a profile of the plant and then provides choices from a database.  Our project completes the dichotomous version of the key by incorporating clearer images, fixing hyperlinks, and establishing formatting consistency.  We are also populating the polyclave version of the key with data, thus making it useable.  Developmental versions of both keys are available on the Wilkes University website, and are being field tested.  We hope that our key can serve as a prototype for a future comprehensive on-line identification tool for all of Pennsylvania’s biota.

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