Brian Keating, Elizabeth Roveda, Megan Smith, Kenneth M. Klemow, William Toothill, and Marleen Troy. 2005. INVENTORYING AND ASSESSING THE VALUES OF URBAN TREES IN KINGSTON, PA USING CITYgreen® 5.0. Contributed poster: Pennsylvania Academy of Science meeting. Abstract: Journal of the Pennsylvania Academy of Science 78:117.

Trees in urban areas are perceived as having value by reducing stormwater runoff, improving air quality, reducing summer heat loads, and storing carbon.  To better assess those values for trees in Kingston, PA (a municipality having an active street-tree protection program), we developed an inventory of the trees along representative streets, and performed a valuation analyses using the CITYgreen® 5.0 application within ArcView Geographical Information System.  The inventory was accomplished by measuring a variety of parameters for individual trees, recording the data using a hand-held computer, and then downloading the data into ArcView.  The most frequent species of trees included sugar maple, Norway maple, red maple, and pin oak. Most trees were planted after the 1972 Agnes flood and are reaching maturity, having dbh values of 20-40 cm.  The values of the trees toward reducing amount of stormwater runoff, enhancing air quality, and reducing summertime energy needs will be discussed following the completion of the CITYgreen analysis.

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