Klemow, Kenneth M. 2002. PLANT COMMUNITY ATTRIBUTES WITHIN TWO URBANIZED, MINE-IMPACTED WATERSHED IN THE WYOMING VALLEY. Contributed paper: Pennsylvania Academy of Science meeting. Abstract: Journal of the Pennsylvania Academy of Science 75:110-111.

The Newport and Nanticoke Creek watersheds are two adjoining catchment areas located in the southern Wyoming Valley. Both watersheds consist of headwater streams that originate southeast of the valley and flow northwesterly to the Susquehanna River. Previous studies have documented the extent and severity of abandoned mine drainage throughout both watersheds. In this analysis, I examined vegetation characteristics within 27 sites scattered throughout the two watersheds. Detailed assessments of species composition and percent cover were made within each location. Shannon-Wciner diversity measures and percentage disturbance species were also calculated. Well-developed woodlots con-taining few disturbance species were found both in headwater areas and near the Susquehanna. Several communities, especially in the middle of each watershed, contained scrub-by vegetation, rich in disturbance species. The relationship between water quality and vegetation attributes will be dis-cussed.

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