Welcome to +My+ Homepage!

Hey there! My name is +Meryl+. I graduated from Wyoming Valley West High School in June 2000, and from Syracuse University's S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications in May 2004 (let's go Orange!).  I moved to San Diego, California in August 2004, and now live in the surfin' town of Leucadia This is what I'm doing now

I originally prepared this page when I was just a baby (actually a junior in High School). So don't be too critical!

My favorite thing in the world is going to concerts, and I have a fetish for bald rock stars, especially Edward Kowalczyk from Live. Enjoy my homepage!

The best band in the world is:

Someday, the boys of Live will be mine. Until then, there are some web pages to look at...

Live Related Pages:

Other bands and musicians I like are Matchbox 20, BNL, Foo Fighters, Smash Mouth, REM, Solution A.D., Reel Big Fish, The Pietasters, Sebadoh, Vic Chestnutt, Natalie Merchant, Fishbone, Oasis, Reef, and No Doubt. To see if any of these people are comin' locally, check out my Upcoming concerts.

How did I express my coolness in high school you ask??......I decided to join the WVW Marching Band. The geeks weren't as bad as I thought, and luckily, I had the coolest, funniest, drum boys in the world to work with!!!!

Thanx for stopping by!