Klemow, K. M. and D. J. Raynal. 1977. PLANT POPULATION PATTERNING AND COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT IN A LIMESTONE QUARRY. Contributed paper: Ecological Society of America meeting. Abstract: Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America 58:16.

Development and patterning of herbaceous plant populations in an abandoned limestone quarry near Syracuse, New York were investigated in 1976. Natural revegetation of this severely disturbed area proceeds slowly with species including Melilotus alba Desr., Picris hieracioides L., and Hieracium florentinum All. gradually colonizing the calcareous substrates. To explain differential population responses on two contrasting adjacent sites: one with a rocky substrate with poor soil development and another with organic soil development, seed germination and plant establishment, growth, reproduction and mortality were studied and microenvironmental and substrate analyses made. Life history characteristics and population dynamics are evaluated in light of environmental parameters.

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