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Current Course Calendar

1 Feb.
Course introduction
8 Feb.
Department assessment exam
15 Feb.
Team reports on status and plans for semester
22 Feb.
Team reports on status and plans for semester
1 Mar.
How to prepare an effective poster I
8 Mar.
How to prepare an effective poster II
15 Mar.
How to prepare an effective manuscript
22 Mar.
No class
29 Mar.
Student presentations: Progress report
5 Apr.
Student presentations: Progress report
12 Apr.
How to attend a scientific meeting (draft manuscript due 5:00 P.M.
Essay 1, Essay 2, Essay 3, Essay 4
19 Apr.
No class
26 Apr.
Student presentations: Final semester report
3 May
Student presentations: Final semester report
4 May
Student presentations: Final semester report
5 May
Research night
10 May
Final manuscript due (5:00 P.M.)

This year's projects

Rodent mediated seed dispersal across an urban-rural gradient
D. Kriebel, G. Cadigan
Determination of sex based difference in resveratrol production from Japanese knotweed Terzaghi, Klemow
A. Mikolon, A. Ford, M. Yatison, D. Pupaza
Hemiptera and Homoptera diversity in grasslands
Stratford, Fetcher
J. Walker
Impact of new antimicrobial chemistry on biofilm formation
M. Yucha, S. Velez
Correlation of clinical symptoms with biomarkers and neuronal loss in Alzheimer's model mice
M. Salmon, D. Parfianowitz, A. Piavis, and C. Musselman
Inflammation and angiogenesis in adipose tissues from ApcMin mice fed with a Western diet
C. Talpash, B. DeArmitt
Carbon dynamics in cool and warm season grasslands
Stratford / Fetcher
E. Rider, C. Shonk, T. Holleran
The effects of Thrombospondin-1 on the growth of tumor associated fibroblasts.
J. Nicholoff, N. Hasuga, J. Parfianowitz
Effects of hydrogen peroxide on catalase levels in larval and adult polychaete Capitella teleta
J. Overpeck, Y. Patel

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