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So it is time for your first bonus opportunity.  You are looking at a photo of an elderly gentleman.  Who is that guy, and why should I ask about him in a BIO 122 course focusaed on Biodiversity?  If you think you know, email the answer to me at Kenneth.klemow@wilkes.edu.  Deadline will be 5:00 P.M., Wednessday, 26 January.  Good answers (2-3 solid paragraphs) will receive two bonus points.  Very good answers (3-5 paragraphs) will receive three.  Thoughtful, well-researched (i.e., containing information from multiple websites) answers that really impress me will receive four.  PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR ANSWER IS IN YOUR OWN WORDS.  Please give the URLs of all references, and include your name both in the subject line of the email, and in the body of the answer itself.  Include your answer in the body of the email - no attachments.  All answers received before 11:59 P.M., Wednesday, 19 January will receive an extra bonus point.


(last updated 5:20 P.M., 19 January 2022)

1.  Well, we made it through Day 2.  We will continue with the "Considerations" lecture.  Make sure that you have that handout that I emailed to you.

2.  Due to technical difficulties, I am still responding to those students who sent me their profile forms on Tuesday, and during Wednesday morning.  I hope to get through all of them on Thursday.

3.  Because we are meeting remotely during the first two weeks of the semester, we will not be holding labs during that time.  Labs will start on the week of 31 January, assuming that classes go back to meeting in person then.  You will receive your workbook and lab manual before labs start up.

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