Sites for Ecological Data

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Below are listed numerous sites that contain (or at least potentially contain) ecological data amenable for use in a classroom setting. This list will frequently evolve, and will become annotated and more user-friendly. Return often!

Your suggestions and contributions are welcome. Please e-mail all comments to the address given at the bottom of the page.

Link to Webpage for Workshop: Using the Web in Ecology Classes, held at the 1998 ESA Meeting in Baltimore.

Help!! This page explains how to find, download, and format data.

Bright Ideas!!. This page contains ideas contributed by others describing how they use on-line ecological data in courses.

Sites classified by type of data available

Note: Most sites require that data users register prior to using data. Please refer to disclaimers for that particular site location.

Sites classified by source

LTER sites - LTER homepage

LTER listing of datasets (discusses data availability by category)

Data Managers Site Resource List (reviews the general dataset capabilities of all the LTER sites)

Sites with directly accessible data

These sites contain data, often in tabular format, that can be imported into a spreadsheet or statistics program for further analysis. These sites generally have "help" guides that explain the datasets, and provide definitions for the various columns and rows.

This list will grow as more links are evaluated.

Other sites

These sites either have not been evaluated for relevant data, do not directly contain relevant data, or contain data that are only accessible by contacting a datakeeper.

Leads to Commercial Sources

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