FYF 101J - Alternative Energy

About Exam I


As you know, you will be taking Exam I on Wednesday, 24 October. This page will contain some information about my expectations for that exam - and will provide you with some direction about how to prepare for it. This exam is worth 75 out of a PROJECTED total of 500 points.

General coverage

In this exam, I need to assess how well you are understanding the information given in this course to this point. The information will pertain to the general aims of the course, as well as key details about certain topics. The exam will likely consist of 25 multiple choice questions (at one point each) along with some short-answer questions and one or two essays. The essays may be of the nature "support or refute the following statement," where I give you a statement, and look for the way in which you agree or disagree with it.

About the course introduction

Read over and know the course syllabus, including the course description, course objectives, and course policies.

About the session conducted by Ms. Mackesy and Mr. Prado

Read over the notes that you took for their session. What were the main points that they made, and their primary recommendations?

About Mr. Sacolic's session on the library

Think about what we did in that session. What were the main points that he made about the Farley library?  Be able to compare and contrast primary and secondary references.

About Email

Review the information discussed in the 12 September session, relating to email etiquette.  What were the tips that you provided?  I will construct an essay question (or maybe a few multiple-choice or true/false questions) based on your tips.

About Data

We spent some bit of time discussing scientific data, and related issues. Review the notes for the sessions on 14 September, 17 September, and 19 September. I will likely ask multiple choice or short answer questions on these topics.

Information and the Web

Review the information given during the 21 September session. What is the difference between Web 1.0 vs Web 2.0?  What did I say about the quality of information and intellectual property issues regarding information on the web?

Basic concepts of energy

Review the information given in the Powerpoint discussed during the 24 September session, and concluded on 1 October. The main points in that session were:

Don't worry about the conversion factors.  But do know the relationship between force, energy, and power.

About the session on the media hosted by Mr. Venesky and Mr. Sweeney
Think about the main points that they made in their presentation.  How do reporters get their information.  What do they consider when writing a story?

About Dr Alves's session

Think about what we did in that session. What were the elements of creativity that he discussed? What issues did he discuss concerning bringing new technologies to market?  How did he relate that to alternative energy?

About sessions on Hubbert Curve, Geothermal, and Hydropower

Because these were the topics of the first set of webquests - and each person has unique expertise on one subject based on his / her research, I will stick to the points that I made in class.  To that end, review the relatively brief overview that I provided on the Hubbert Curve, the Powerpoint pertaining to Geothermal energy, and the Powerpoint pertaining to Hydroelectric power.  My questions will likely address broad concepts rather than nitty-gritty details.

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