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This page contains links to Powerpoint presentations created by students in the BIO / EES / EGY 105 course at Wilkes University during the fall 2018.  When selected, each link will download the original Powerpoint file.  Powerpoint files from previous student presentations from 2014-2017 are provided for archival purposes.  Others are free to use the information in the posted files as long as proper citation is provided.

Controversies (from 2018)

Should Alaska National Wildlife Refuge be opened for oil and gas development? (3 Dec.)
J. Eckman, G. Franko, A. Pedron, A. Randall
Are electric cars the wave of the future? (3 Dec.)
D. Bowen, M. Ledvinka, M. Maranca, A. Tacury
Do algae hold much promise as an energy source? (5 Dec.)
M. Kocher, M. Palladino, B. Rowland, P. Thomas
Do the pluses of wind power outweigh the negative impacts? (5 Dec.)
T. Bowen, A. Merelo, L. Shay, M. Spaid
How do the health impacts of fracking compare to those of coal? (5 Dec.)
G. Brown, M. Dimoriaku, M. Magoon, K. Osmanski
Solar power: Our energy future or false promise? (7 Dec.)
M. Beck, J. Kroboth, M. Reinert, J. Yzeik
Is offshore drilling for oil and gas too risky? (7 Dec.)
J. Malley, W. Nieves, K. Perez, R. Peters
Is Germany really a good model for renewable energy? (7 Dec.)
J. Astegiano, M. Dekay, G. Molitoris, F. Navatta
Should the U.S. Government financially support research into energy? (10 Dec.)
A. Eberle, M. Konikow, E. Schaepe, A. Sebolka
Should the Delaware River Basin Commission allow fracking? (10 Dec.)
L. Brennan, L. Cassaro, Z. Mendoza, J. Rostron
Controversies (from 2017)

Is there such a thing as clean coal? (4 Dec)
Jay Gonzalez, Cassi Peluso, Aaron Sadowski, Dominic Steiner-Butchko
Solar power: Our future or false promises? (4 Dec)
James Dotter, Matt Finnegan, Carmen Hillman, Brian Schumacher
Clean Power Plan (6 Dec.)
Daravann Lok, Micaela Oliverio, Joseph Papa, Jillian Weston
Should the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) be opened for oil and gas development? (6 Dec.)
Sean Connelly, Matt Judge, Brittany Stanton
What is the Penn Forest Wind Farm, and should it be built? (6 Dec.)
Kylie Dillon, Justin Gaskill, Landon Henry, James Palys
Does fracking cause health impacts? (8 Dec.)
Shawn Austin, Max Brown, Gianna Chase, Scott Heffelfinger
Should the U.S. Government fund energy research? (8 Dec.)
Zach Brunner, Jessie Lopez, Kristin Muncaster, Josh Shepard
Does algae hold much promise as an energy resource? (8 Dec.)
Tony Marcincavage, Robert Pecorelli, Chad Pruner, Kris Tjornhom
Is offshore drilling for oil and gas too risky? (11 Dec.)
Andreas Boosalis, Brad Chow, Maura Clarke, Jake DiMarsico
Controversies (from 2016)

Can we really run U.S on wind, water, and solar as advocated by Jacobson and Dellucci? (5 Dec).
Lauren Bezek, Nichole Duden, Alex Harrington, and Cody Puza
Should We Remove Dams From Rivers, Even Though Doing So Reduces The Opportunity For Hydropower Production? (5 Dec).
Michael Condrad, Cassidy Orrell, James Zijac, and Jeremey Tomaine
Pennsylvania's new regulations for natural gas production (7 Dec.)
Abraham King, Danny Van Brunt, Matthew Nevers and Sinclair Mason 
Fracking: Health Effects (7 Dec.)
Taylor Ryan, Corey Hauser, Joshua Lawler and Grace Sanzalone
Should Nuclear Power Have A Place in our Future Energy Portfolio? (7 Dec.)
Dominick Ammirato, Richard Loyek, Allison Pajor, and Nick Ruggiero
Should the U.S. export Marcellus gas to other countries? (9 Dec.)
Richard Gilson, Delmis Machado, and Cassie Papp
Energy Conservation (9 Dec.)
John-Michael Rey, Quinn Kelly, Ashley Edson, and Purvit Patel
Should the U.S. Government financially support research into energy? (9 Dec.)
Kaitlyn Sitch, Jake Chielli, Aaron Coyne, and Jenna Frei
Using cleaned up mine water for fracking (12 Dec.)
Chuck Slavish, Ryan Bowman, Grace Graham, Malik Alston,  and Darian Durkin
Clean Coal (12 Dec.)
Dian McKinney, Julian Maffei, Ryan Smith, Adrian Thomas, and Kaylee Caprari
Do the Positive Impacts of Wind Power Outweigh the Negative Impacts? (13 Dec.)
Asdone Hooper, Sierra Musa, Torrey Shimp, and Kevin Schiel
Controversies (from 2015)

Can we really run the US on wind, water and solar as advocated by Jacobson and Delucci? (9 Dec.)
R. Hoggarth, J. Lindley, T. Mintzmyer, Z. Wang
Does nuclear power have a future in the U.S. if we can't identify a central waste depository? (9 Dec.)
T. Baker, T. Fogleman, J. Wotherspoon, C. Wylie
Energy Efficiency Standards: Are they reasonable in PA or elsewhere? (11 Dec.)
J. Derr, T. Derby, C. Moore, D. Morse
Do the pluses of wind power out weigh the negatives? (11 Dec.)
A. Bolinsky, A. Harkan, A. Stauffer, H. Wang
Is biomass a sustainable source of fuel? (14 Dec.)
H. Al-Qatani, T. Outlaw, J. Roedell, S. Weyhenmeyer
Should we export Marcellus gas to other countries? (14 Dec.)
M. Clemons, A. Krall, J. McMonagle
Controversies (from 2014)

Are high tension power lines necessary? (21 Nov.)
E. Anderson, D. Bernhart, A. Carloni, J. Sterling
Keystone XL Pipeline (21 Nov.)
R. Jones, M. Wardius, K. Hein , M. Creazzo
Wind Power: Do the pluses outweigh the negative impacts? (24 Nov.)
A. Przywara, C. Von Glahn,
E. Laffey & A. Sabanovic
Clean nuclear energy and its future in the U.S. (24 Nov.)
K. Rooney, M. Morrison, & S. Pierre
Bluegrass pipeline (1 Dec.)
M. Kachurak, J. Murray, A. Paskas, A. Saba
Should we stop natural gas pipelines from being built in northeastern PA? (1 Dec.)
R. Filipski, T. Geake, T. Giarratano, E. Lonstein
          Offshore drilling (3 Dec.)
E. Fiscal, P. Gohil, T. Schmidt, T. Spencer
What is smart grid/metering for electric distribution (3 Dec.)
E. Grady, J. Grodzki, C. Hinkel, A. Romanishan
Is strict energy conservation really needed? (5 Dec.)
L. Amarose, S. Justave, J. Tisdel, B. Williams
Does fracking cause health impacts? (5 Dec)
M. Chielli, J. Clifford, K. Mejia, J. Taylor
Is it possible to run the US on wind, water, and solar? (8 Dec).
G. Baran, L. Brunner, J. Saltz, A. Serpico

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