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Course Instructor and Lab Coordinator: Kenneth M. Klemow, Ph.D.

Thanks to all students who participated in the bonus opportunities.  I hope that you found them enjoyable.


(last updated 4:50 P.M., 19 May 2017)

1.  To students from the class of 2017.  Please let me know via email if you wish to meet with me to go over grades.  Otherwise, I will reply to email inquiries about your grades.  Have a great summer.  Hopefully you will look at nature with new eyes based on the material that we covered in the course.  Try to spend some time in different kinds of habitats to see many of the creatures that we discussed this semester.  But be mindful of potential dangers, particularly Lyme disease spread by our friend the deer tick.

2.  This page will be dormant until January 2018.

3.  Link to podcast page.

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