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In addition to the lecture presentations, selected topics in BIO 122  have been prepared in a podcast format.  Each podcast is a self-contained file in an .m4a format that includes narration and images.  The podcasts are intended to replace lecture presentations on those topics.  Information in those podcasts is considered to be equivalent to lecture material on course exams.

The podcasts are uploaded to the BIO 122 page using the Application Panopto v.1.0 on L.I.V.E.  You can get to that page by clicking this link, then entering your Username and Password.  Click the "Continue" link.  The icons for the podcasts should be visible.

Click the icon for the desired podcast, and it should start to play.  Be sure that you can see the images and hear the sound.

To help students take notes on the information in the podcasts, a guide has been developed for each presentation.  Each guide includes key points, space for additional notes, and a set of questions at the end. Each guide can be downloaded using the links below.  Let me know if you have any issues downloading any of the guides.

My intent is to create on-demand presentations that are accurate, informative, and interesting.  Comments and suggestions for improvement are welcome.

Links to Guides: Clicker questions:
Hierarchy II [.doc format] [.pdf format]
28 January
Hierarchy III [.doc format] [.pdf format] 28 January
Binomial nomenclature [.doc format] [.pdf format] 29 January
Archaea [.doc format] [.pdf format]   3 February
Rhodophyta (vascular plants) [.doc format] [.pdf format]   5 February
Chlorophyta (green algae) [.doc format] [.pdf format] 12 February
Tracheophytes (vascular plants) [.doc format] [.pdf format] 12 February
Lycopodiophyta (club mosses) [.doc format] [.pdf format] 14 February
Equisetophyta (horsetails) [.doc format] [.pdf format] 14 February
Pteridophyta (ferns) [.doc format] [.pdf format] 17 February
Angiosperm structure [.doc format] [.pdf format] 19 February
Angiosperm leaves [.doc format] [.pdf format] 19 February
Angiosperm roots [.doc format] [.pdf format] 21 February
Lichens [.doc format] [.pdf format] 28 February
Porifera (sponges) [.doc format] [.pdf format] 12 March
Nematoda (roundworms) [.doc format] [.pdf format] 12 March
Annelid structure [.doc format] [.pdf format] 14 March
Annelid diversity [.doc format] [.pdf format] 14 March
Echinoderm structure [.doc format] [.pdf format]

Echinoderm diversity [.doc format] [.pdf format]

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